Columbia River Guided Trips & Secluded Small River Raft Trips

Our Columbia River Fishing Trips are the best offered in the Pacific Northwest! We will be fishing out of our 25 foot Alumaweld sled. We offer trips for up to 6 people. We target salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, & more!

Our secluded raft trips are offered for up to 2 people. We will be floating down some of the most beautiful rivers in the SW Washington area. Using techniques such as float fishing, pulling plugs, spoon fishing, & more!

Columbia River Trips

  • $200.00 for Full Day of Fishing 6-9 Hours
  • Kids under 14 years old, 50% off
  • We specialize in Large Groups and Corporate Getaways.
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, & Walleye Trips Available
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Secluded Raft Trips

  • $250.00 for Full Day of Fishing 6-9 Hours
  • Kids under 14 years old, 25% Off
  • Active Fishing, you cast, you hook, you FISH!
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Salmon, Steelhead, & Trout Trips Available
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Guided Kokanee Trips

  • $150.00 for Full Day of Fishing 6-9 Hours
  • Kids under 14, 50% off
  • Great trips for kids, multiple bites & hook ups!
  • One of the best eating fish the NW has to offer.
  • Gift certificates available
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What Do We Fish For?


Chinook (King Salmon) March – October

Chinook Salmon are present in Southwest Washington rivers almost year round. With 3 distinct runs in the Spring, Summer and Fall, they are usually the target of choice for anglers. These fish will average from 8-40 pounds and each year a few fish will even tip the scales at over 50! We conduct fishing trips for these fish in the Lewis, Cowlitz, Wind, Willamette, and Columbia rivers.


Coho (Silver Salmon) September – November

Coho Salmon enter the smaller tributaries of the Columbia river starting in early September and they will remain there till Thanksgiving. Coho are great fighters and average from 4-20 pounds. These fish will arrive in huge schools of thousands of fish that show right after the first rains of the fall. If you’re into more active fishing, we hunt these fish with crankbaits and spinners, often searching for fresh schools that entered the river the night before.


Sockeye (Red Salmon) June – July

Sockeye salmon in recent years have returned in strong numbers to the Columbia river. in 2012 we had over 500,000 fish cross over Bonneville Dam. With those kinds of numbers it’s hard to go wrong with Columbia River Sockeye. Great eating, hard fighting, and action packed days have brought anglers from around the country to catch their share of the run.


Steelhead (Sea-run Rainbow Trout) Year Round

Steelhead run in 2 very large runs in the Summer and Winter. Since we fish many different rivers, putting you where the fish are, we consider these fish a year round. Steelhead are hard fighting acrobats that consistently take large runs and jump wildly through the air. They average between 6-18 pounds! On light side drifting gear these fish are a challenge for new and experienced anglers alike. Considered one of the great sport fish of the Pacific Northwest, best days go fast so be sure to book early.


Kokanee (Landlocked Salmon) March – August

Kokanee Salmon are by far one of the regions tastiest fish. They start to bite in huge schools at Merwin and Riffe Lake and the action can be non-stop. Great fishery for kids with goods actions, smaller rods and smaller gear. But don’t let the size of the gear fool you, pound for pound Kokanee are one of the hardest fighting fish around.


Catch & Release Sturgeon – Year Round

Sturgeon are located in the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. With seasons opening an closing all the time there is usually a place to catch keeper sturgeon. The size limit is 42-60 inches! It’s not uncommon to have 30-60 fish days and the best part is these fish taste very similar to halibut.

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